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You may order a custom made breeze blocker in any length you need (up to 52") and in a color to complement your decor (this takes about two weeks.)
Breeze Blockers - stop the draft coming under your doors and windows this winter!
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Our breeze blockers work for doors
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draft stopper, draftstopper, draft dodger ... whatever you call it, it works!
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Please note that our breeze blockers will cover a space which is not more than an inch and a half in height. If the space between the floor and the bottom of your door is more than that, we suggest that you order two. You may easily stack one breeze blocker on top of another to fill the gap, and you needn't worry about the top one rolling off.
Nobody enjoys the feel of a cold draft in winter. And with fuel prices predicted to be higher, it makes good sense to do whatever you can to keep the warm air in, and the cold air out!
Why not try a breeze blocker? They're low-tech, and have been around for ages... but that's probably because they really work! Our breeze blockers (each containing more than four pounds of filler) will stay firmly in place at the bottom of your door or on your windowsill.
Order a custom draft stopper
Need a draftstopper right away? We have a few ready-made  draftstoppers available for fast shipping.
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